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All PSS members are cordially invited to the PSS Annual General Meeting cum Lunch Buffet and Pre-Registration Pharmacists' Training Closing Ceremony

Lunch will commence at 1.45pm


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The 108th Annual General Meeting was held in conjuncion with the Pre-registration Pharmacist Training Closing Ceremony on 22 Mar 2014 at the Academia.

The annual report and financial report were presented and passed. The 108th Council was elected into office. Ms Miko Thum was re-elected as the President of the 108th Council.

Certificates of appreciation were presented to volunteers for their dedication and hard work in making all our activities a success in 2013.

Event Highlights

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS) was held in conjunction with the Pre-registration Pharmacists' Training Graduation Ceremony at the Furama Riverfront Hotel on 16 Mar 2013.

Event Highlights