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Health Conditions

Health Conditions

  Dengue Alert   Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease caused by viruses. Infected person may present with high fever, headache, joint pain and rashes. In severe cases, the person may need hospitalization. 
Singapore’s first imported case of Zika virus infection was confirmed on 13th May 2016 and the first case without travel history was confirmed on 27th August 2016. It is important that we exercise vigilance to prevent the further spread of the Zika virus infection.
  Why does haze matter for your health? Haze is a sign of air pollution by fine particles (consisting of microscopic solid or liquid droplets). When these particles enter your lungs, they may pose severe health problems, for example:
Chronic disease is an illness that persists for a long duration, does not often resolve spontaneously, and is rarely cured completely.  
Avian influenza A H7N9   What is avian influenza H7N9?
A minor ailment is defined as a health complaint which by simple actions, patients can handle themselves. 
Travelling in unfamiliar environments exposes travellers to a variety of health risks. It is important to be well-equipped with some common medications to ensure that your travel plans are not spoiled when you are on a trip.  
This section has been compiled to provide general health information to address a number of health issues and ailments.