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Dengue Advice for the General Public

Dengue Advice for the General Public

Another pandemic is currently sweeping through Singapore. The weekly number of dengue has reached an all-time high of 1,158 dengue cases reported in the week ending 13 June 2020. The total number of dengue cases for the year of 2020 is expected to be similar to or exceed the 22,170 cases reported in 2013, the largest dengue outbreak in Singapore’s history.

Don’t ignore the problem. Take steps now to learn more about what dengue is, what are the signs that you may be infected by dengue, and how to prevent it. Our community pharmacists and restructured hospitals have prepared several informative articles and videos about dengue and its prevention.

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Comprehensive guide on mosquito repellents contributed by Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Pharmacy Department:

Simple Ways to Avoid Mozzie Attacks


Guardian Health and Beauty:


Unity Pharmacy:


Watsons Pharmacy:

"Do you know that there are actually 4 different strains of dengue virus, which also means a person can be infected by a dengue virus up to 4 times in a lifetime!

More importantly, there are also medications that one should avoid when suffering from dengue fever. Please seek immediate medical attention if you suspect that you have dengue.

Find out more on the symptoms of dengue and quick tips on prevention and how to manage/ treat dengue fever in this episode of “Wellness with Watsons”