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Bouquets Dedicated To Our Shining Stars
Community Pharmacy

Bouquets For Ms Lam Cai Hong

Ms Lam Cai Hong is pleasant and nice when attending to customers. She will explain the new products in detail and also explain the side effects if taken overdose. Her team members are also efficient, friendly and on-the-go. They will tell you where they put the products. On the whole, their service is excellent. Ms Lam and her team are polite, pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient! - By Tan Lee Cheng (Customer)

Bouquets For Mr Sean Ang

I patronise the Unity Outlet at Toa Payoh MRT quite often and I would like to express my impressiveness with one of your Pharmacist- Mr Sean Ang. Whenever I have a medical problem, I will look for Mr Sean Ang. He is very patient, polite and would listen to my enquiries before telling me the options that are available for me. I feel that he should be commended for his good work. Please do not transfer him out of this outlet - By Loh Seng Chou (Customer)

Mr Sean Ang is an efficient and knowledgeable Pharmacist. He is very cheerful and would always serve with a smile. On top of that, he never loses his cool during busy hours. I would like to nominate him for some service award. - By Ms Dorothy Tan (Customer)

Bouquets For Ms Sharene Goh

I had a great experience with Pharmacist Ms Sharene Goh. I had encountered a problem with eardrum damage since my flight a few days ago. Hence I visited the Pharmacy Counter at Novena Square after my medical consultation. The intention was to find a waterproof ear plugs for my ears. From there, I met one of your Pharmacist, Sharene Goh. From her service and attitude, I felt touched by her warm hospitality and patient explanation to guide me the proper way to choose the right ear plugs. I felt her professionalism when she even questioned the cause and my medical condition before she picked the right ear plugs for me. As an architect, I would like to see professionalism together with the act of care via the services practiced. I was amazed by this girl who performs with a right attitude! What really touches my heart is her great patience in communicating with me knowing that I have difficulties in hearing. She was willing to spend her time to ensure that I purchase a product without any doubt before leaving the store. I could sense that she was quite busy at that time. Furthermore, she did not forget to give me some words of encouragement and consolation before I leave. I believe Watson must have put in a lot of effort in training such a quality staff and it somehow reminds me of how important it is to include the value of "caring culture" in our professional services. Ms Sharene Goh reminded me so. This small little thing really made my day despite of the tradegy that hit me! I feel the need to spend my time to compliment your Pharmacist, Ms Sharene Goh. I will definitely continue to give my full support to Watsons. Good job Sharene and good job Watsons! - By Ho Chin Keng (Customer) 

I am writing in to compliment your Pharmacist, Ms Sharene. I have been purchasing medication from Parkway Outlet and she never fails to have them ready when I arrive. Even when she was transferred to Novena, she texted and informed me of the new Pharmacist that will be taking over. Recently, when I message her of the required medications, she even went the extra mile to reply me while she was away for a holiday in Europe! I was impressed and lost for words of gratitude. I have met so many people but Sharene stands out because she is so distinctive and responsible towards her role as a Pharmacist. In fact I strongly feel thst she has done more than required. I hope that Watson would treasure such an excellent employee and I strongly recommend her for the excellence service award. Sharene is simply the best. - By Christina Chua (Customer)

I am a German National and I came to Singapore on an expatriate assignment at the start of this year.I lived in France and Switzerland before and have been enjoying high medical care. I suffer from migranes, often involving sickness. The preventive drug I was taking in Switzerland (prescribed by a Neurologist) was propanolol Ratiopharm 160mg Gel Lp (Plq/90) slow time release tablets. I was taking one tablet per day in the evening. In the rare event of an attack, I will take one tablet of Maxalt (10mg).Unfortunately, this medication is not available in Singapore. Since I stopped taking Propanolol I have had more frequent headache attacks, some of which lasted for 2-3 days. I visited the Health Clinic several times to seek advice, and was prescribed several different types of tablets (including ANAREX, ARCOXIA AND CAFFOX). The instructions provided by the nurses on how to administer the drugs were not very clear and I got confused over which tablets were for prevention and which ones were for acute treatment in case of an attack. I asked several times on how and when to take the medication and I got four different answers. I sought advice from Sharene at Watsons who followed up with the Health clinic and provided me with additional important information regarding the prescribed drugs. For example, she mentioned that Relpax and Cafergot should not be taken within 24 hours of each other. Sharene provided me with clear instructions on how to take the medication in case of an attack and even sent me one of the leaflets via email for future reference. I am extremely happy with Sharene's customer service and have to admit that she appeared more professional than the doctor himself! I have been living in many different European countries and I have never experienced such a professional, caring, personal and customer-friendly service before. - By Niina Marose (Customer)

Bouquets For Mr Lee Wee Beng

I went to Watsons store at the Paragon two weeks ago to purchase some medicines from the Pharmacy. I was attended by a friendly and approachable Pharmacist, Wee Beng. In the midst of buying the medication, we were drawn into a conversation relating to my heart conditions. Wee Beng was very helpful and he recommended 3 supplements that could be beneficial to my heart. He was precise and helpful when explaining how the 3 supplements can be helpful to me. Wee Beng is one of the very few Pharmacists whom I have met that is patient and kind.On top of that, after consuming the supplements, I did experience a certain improvement in my condition. My Cardiologist also approved the supplements that Wee Beng recommended. I am very pleased to be attended by this great Pharmacist. Thank you Wee Beng for everything. - By Michael Goh (Customer)

I would like to bring to your attention regarding one of your Pharmacist in Paragon Watsons store. His name is Mr Lee Wee Beng. I am working in Orchard and I always get supplies and light medication from your store. This particular Pharmacist Mr Lee was there to provdie sound and professional advice to me. When I was sharing about my son's symptoms of a possible hand-foot mouth disease. He actually took some time to do research and replied me the next day about the possibilities and what signs I should look out for. Such passion and profesionalism is hardly seen nowadays and should be applauded with praise. Kindly send my regards to him. - By Chan Hw (Customer)

I am writing this to show my appreciation to the service provided by Pharmacist Mr Lee Wee Beng when I visited Watsons at Paragon. I live in Australia and am now in Singapore for some work assignment. I went to Watsons at Paragon last month to buy blood pressure measurement. This store has many choices and I do not know which one is good for me. The girl at the counter did not realy know the difference between them and simply advise me to buy the cheaper one. Since I did not get the answer that I hoped, I decide not to buy it and was ready to leave the shop. To my surprise, Mr Lee Wee Beng came and explained to me the difference between them. I then asked him if he can help to set up and try the machine if I were to buy it. He actually agreed and helped me with it. After that, I discussed with him briefly about some high blood pressure medicine. I am currently taking Macardis 40mg while my dad and aunt are taking Atacand 8mg. All of us are taking the medicines prescribed by our doctors. ( My doctor is in Australia while my dad and aunt's doctor is in Indonesia). I am worried about the fact that we are given different medicines and different dosage. He gave me the assurance that both of the medicines are good and the dosage is set by the manfacturer. We should follow what our doctor prescribed. He then passed me his name card and told me that if I needed anything, I can give him a call. I thank Mr Lee for his service and I had left the shop feeling very satisfied. If I need any medicine, I will go to Watsons at Paragon. - By Susi Budisantoso (Customer)

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr Lee Wee Beng , a Pharmacist at Watsons Paragon for rendering his help to advise and guide me on the right type of medicine for my wife and daughter on 28 May 2012. Mr Lee went the extra mile to get medicine from elsewhere for me when the stock in his shop was not sufficient for me to purchase. His sincerity and concern for my family's well being was beyond his scope of duty as a Pharmacist. I applaud his passion and responsible attitude towards himself, his work and his interaction with his customers. I wish the management will continue to uphold and support an asset like Mr Lee and groom him to a higher level of management so that he can continue to be a beacon of hope representing Watsons in a humane and loving organization. - By Francis Chan (Customer)

I woud like to express my gratitude for te great service provided by Mr Lee Wee Beng from Paragon branch. He is wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable. I have been visiting the branch for my family's ailmemts since my twins were born last March. It is unusual to find such good service in Singapore and to find someone who is so thorough in whatever he does. - By Aimi (Customer)

My name is Shawn Keasberry. I live in Brunei and am now a very fond customer of Watson's, especially Paragon Branch. To be honest, this was not the case prior to 21st July 2012. Before 21st July 2012, I only visited Watson's whenever I needed to get water or sweets. Watsons was not a place that I would go for a Pharmacy consulatation. On that day, I was introduced to one of your Pharmacist, Mr Lee Wee Beng. He had prescribed me medicines over the course of my two visit and supplements for my other visits. In fact, he has helped me with my health so many times that I am unable to mention everything in an email. My wife and I are wlling to spend on medication and supplements based on his recommendation and prescription. Today, I will not go anywhere else for medicines and supplements if I can get it at Watsons Paragon. I would like to thank and commend Mr Lee Wee Beng for the wonderful service that he has offered and I will continue to return to Watsons as a loyal customer, especially for his recommendation of supplement or prescription in the near future. Thank you Watsons for offering such great customer service and I willl recommend Watson's Pharmacy in Paragon to al my friends in the near future when they visit Singapore. - By Shawn Jonathan Keasberry (Customer)