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YPC Sports Day - Captain's Ball

The Young Pharmacists Chapter (YPC) kicked off its first event by the newly formed committee, with a Sports Day Event on 2nd August 2014. Featuring the classic game of Captain’s Ball, the event drew teams from various backgrounds, from young pharmacists to NUS students and even PSS’s 108th Council. Everyone enjoyed a good workout as they battled it out in stages, with each team against three other teams. The eventual showdown was between a team of young pharmacists led by Jaryl and the NUS Pharmacy team, with Jaryl’s team emerging as the overall champion. The third placing was won by another team of young pharmacists led by Edwin. 


In all, the signups for the event surpassed our modest expectations, drawing in 8 teams of the young (and the young-at-heart). We are sure everyone who turned up had enjoyed the evening of healthy workout, friendly networking between students and pharmacists of various backgrounds, as well as the surprise birthday celebration for our PSS President, Ms Miko Thum. 

Here are some thoughts from our participants:

“We had a good time. It's a fun way to promote interaction!”

- Mr Lim Mun Moon, Honorary Treasurer, 108th PSS Council


“It was fun! Had a great time of fellowship, sweating, and catching of breath!”

- Ms Ng Hong Yen, Vice President, 108th PSS Council


“It was fun interacting with pharmacy alumni from various age groups through the games.”

- Lih Maan, Year 2 Pharmacy Student


“The YPC sports day was a truly fun and memorable event. It was really heartwarming to see so many fellow pharmacy students and our fellow seniors take time off to participate in this event. I exceptionally loved the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that the event had where the aim was just to have fun and bond over a game of Captain’s ball. The most memorable game for me was with the PSS council members. Though they may be my seniors, but I think that they are truly young at heart. Every minute of game play with them was filled with laughter and joy as their focus was about having a good time with one another and to cheer each other on in the game. I’m glad that through this event I got to know a few pharmacists and I will definitely take part in other similar events in the future.”

 - Anthea Pau, Year 3 Pharmacy Student


“It's really nice to be able to meet fellow pharmacists in such a leisure setting (other times were probably during precept but we couldn't really play and have fun but needed to put on a serious attitude). Should have more gatherings like this, perhaps a day by the seaside where we can sit down and chat.”

 - Ng Wan Jing, Year 4 Pharmacy Student


Members of the organizing committee: Mr Geoffrey Chai, Mr Chan Boon Kiang, Mr Ong Kheng Yong, Ms Cindy Chew, Ms Tien Li Chen

Finally, the organizing committee and YPC would like to thank everyone for their support. Rest assured, many things are in the pipeline, and great fun awaits you. We hope to see you at our future events! Stay tuned.


Written by

Mr Anson Lim

Mr Ong Kheng Yong