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As our country moves into phase 2 and adapts to the socioeconomic effects of COVID-19, our profession holds an ever more relevant role in public education. Observing important practices such as infection control and social distancing as well as staying updated with accurate information can help protect our community and dampen the effects from a resurgence.

Over the last few months, PSS members have come together to develop useful resources for both healthcare professionals and the public. This bulletin section is a compilation of all of that effort. The COVID-19 education materials are consolidated for ease of sharing with the public or your respective teams. 

List of COVID-19 education materials:

  1. Good Personal Hygiene Practices and Disinfectants guide 
  2. FAQ on Covid-19 related treatment or prevention
  3. How to order medicines from home delivery!
  4. Proper use of mask face. Information about fabric face masks
  5. Proper use of Gloves.
  6. “Quit smoking. Start living”: Smoking during this pandemic increases the risk of virus transmission from hand to mouth.
  7. Caregivers and self-care during circuit breaker


To access or view these education materials, please visit http://www.pss.org.sg/know-your-medicines/Covid-19-advice-general-public, our Facebook page @pharmaceuticalsocietyofsingapore or our Instagram page @pss.knowyourmedicines.