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[Issue No. 166] PSS E-Bulletin July 2020

Dr Grant Sklar is an endearing familiar face in the Singapore pharmacy community. He had an amazing 21 years in Singapore and it has been both a humbling and rewarding experience. While he would have wished to provide his thanksgivings and gratitude in person, alas, due to social distancing mandated by the current COVID19 situation, he is unable to do so. So here's his heartfelt words dedicated to everyone whom he has the privilege to have crossed paths with.

‘Outcomes and impact of pharmacists medication review services in Singapore nursing homes - A nationwide multi-site retrospective cohort study’ was presented at the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Virtual Poster Symposium (VPS) on 27 May 2020! This is the first large-scale nationwide impact study on pharmacists’ medication review services in ILTC in Singapore. Pharmacists’ recommendations resulted in net reduction in medication use and direct out-of-pocket drug cost savings for patients. Below is the poster that was presented at the event

As part of the #PassionPridePurpose campaign jointly collaborated between PSS and NUS Department of Pharmacy, a series of Pharmacist posters and a heartwarming video on a community pharmacist's journey was shared on social media platforms like Facebook. Try to identify the friendly pharmacists featured in these social media blitz campaign!

Nomination closes on 15th Aug 2020 (Extended from 31st July 2020). 

An exclusive supplementary bulletin on what goes behind the scene in the community pharmacies that are at the forefront in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Kudos to our community pharmacists for working tirelessly and being the most accessible source of professional help in the community to support and calm the public by clarifying their doubts and providing relevant advice.

Northwest CDC made a tribute video to Dr Teo Ho Pin who has stepped down as Mayor.  Dr Teo has been a strong advocate for programs that benefit and help seniors know their medicine. Through a collaboration between NUS, PSS and Northwest CDC, we ran the joint program "Know Your Medicine, Get it Right @ North West" and it was featured in this tribute video (catch the clip from 1:04 onwards). We thank Dr Teo for his relentless support towards our collaborations and we wish him the very best in his retirement.