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We are pleased to inform you that at the 113th Annual General Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS) held on 23rd March 2019 (Saturday), the following office bearers were elected for the term 2019/2020:

President                               :           Ms Quay Siew Ching, Irene

Vice-President                      :           Ms Yong Pei Chean

Hon. Secretary                     :           Ms Tiah Hui Xian

Asst. Hon. Secretary            :           Dr Shih Lee Chuen, Vivianne

Hon. Treasurer / Immediate :           Ms Ng Hong Yen
Past President                     

Asst. Hon. Treasurer           :           Ms Chean Ning Wei, Tracy

Council Members                :           Mr De Silva Justin Ignatiaus

                                                      Ms Kng Li Lin, Grace

                                                      Ms Lim Hong Yee

                                                      Mr Lim Kai Kiong

                                                      Mr Ng Boon Khiang, Ivan

                                                      Mr Zhang Quan, Parry


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