In The Spotlight
March 2018

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In the spotlight is an initiative by PSS that features pharmacists who excel in their area of practice and have been role models for fellow pharmacists. In this issue, we feature:

In June’s edition of in the spotlight, we are featuring Ms Foo Koon Mian,  Principal Clinical Pharmacist at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.  She has 11 years of experience in Pharmacy and specialises in Paediatric and Women Oncology.

Koon Mian completed a one-year residency in Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Practice and received board certification in Oncology from the Board of Pharmacy Specialties in 2013. In 2014, she obtained her specialist accreditation (Oncology pharmacy) in Singapore.

Awards that Koon Mian achieved include KKH Medication Safety Award 2012 and National Day Award (Efficiency Medal) 2016. She is also actively involved in research and has published numerous oncology-related articles and poster presentations. In 2015, Koon Mian also received a Paediatric ACP Pilot Research grant of S$25 000.

Koon Mian is a member in both the Pharmacy Specialist Accreditation Committee for Oncology Pharmacy, MOH and Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore. She was also in the organising committee for the Singapore Pharmacy Congress from 2015 to 2017.

We are greatly honoured that she has taken the time to answer some of our questions and share what drives her passion for Pharmacy practice.


  1. Describe the most satisfying/fulfilling day in your life as a pharmacist.

    There are more than one satisfying/fulfilling day as a pharmacist and these are when patients / caregivers are very appreciative and thankful of what I did for them as a pharmacist. Examples of moments which gave me an indescribable sense of fulfilment include days when patients / caregivers hold my hands to thank me sincerely, the day when I received a gift from a mother whose child had just passed away to thank me for the care of her child and also the day when I received a self-made gift from an adolescent patient who had completed her course of chemotherapy.

  2. What would your best advice be for the younger pharmacists, especially when faced with challenges to motivate them and keep them going?

    Remind yourself of why you chose this profession from the start and find your passion. I am glad I have found mine and it is the “paediatric oncology patients” that motivates me to continue what I have been doing for the past decade and going through the challenges over these years. When you find your passion and goal, you will not be easily be defeated by the challenges you face. Positive thinking is also important when faced with challenges. A lot of times, you will find positivity among the challenges if you have a positive mindset. Eventually, you will realise that going through all these challenges actually build you up.

  3. Who would you say is your role model, whom inspired you to excel in the pharmacy field that you chose?

    My department head, Ms Irene Quay has been a great role model to me. Since I was a young pharmacist, who had just completed pre-registration training, she has guided me not only in work aspect and also has been giving me advice on family matters. Over the years, she has given me opportunities for me to grow in my Pharmacy career e.g. going through 1 year Oncology Pharmacy residency training, taking up the role of Residency Program Director for the Paediatric Pharmacy Residency Program, etc. Despite having 4 children, she can still manage and bring KKH Pharmacy to new levels. KKH Pharmacy has progressed a lot in clinical and research work under her. On top of these, she can still be actively involved in PSS work. I can really feel her great passion for Pharmacy profession.