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PSS Shining Star is a PSS initiative that features individuals who embody the exceptional qualities of a community pharmacist.

Name of Pharmacist: Ms Lee Wai Fong, Grace

A. Interview Questions


  1. Why did you choose pharmacy as your profession?

    I thought it is fascinating to know how medicine behaves once it is in our body!

  2. Why did you choose to be a community pharmacist?

    I feel that a community pharmacist is strategically positioned to serve people. There is a place for pharmacists who are accessible to the public for their medical or health needs.

  3. What helped/motivated you to be where you are today?

    My stint as a pharmacist in Australia expanded my horizons on how pharmacy may be practiced. Since I have been back, it has been the appreciation received from customers, my students and the support from fellow pharmacists that have kept me going.

  4. Who would you say is your role model, who inspired you to excel in the pharmacy field that you choose?

    I have been most fortunate to be able to learn from and work with several accomplished pharmacists.
    Ms Shyamala Narayanaswamy for her spirit of excellence, Mr Terry Murphy for his interpersonal skills, Ms Lee Bee Hua for her never say die attitude and Ms Yong Pei Chean for her passion to expand the contributions of pharmacists in Singapore.

  5. What is your advice for people who are considering this career?

    Be prepared to learn and re-learn in order to keep up to date with new clinical knowledge.

  6. Given that Singapore will be experiencing one in three citizens aged 65 and above by 2030, how do you think pharmacists can contribute to the healthcare of this group of people?

    In Singapore, the public is generally unaware of what a pharmacist is already doing and can do for them. We need to continue to engage them in medication management. Some avenues may include improving medication literacy, performing medication reconciliation and review particularly in the areas of intermediate and long term care of the geriatric population.

  7. Describe your career progression path.

    After pre-registration training and work as an inpatient pharmacist in Singapore General Hospital, I left for Melbourne to practice for some time before returning to Singapore.

  8. What do you think are the important skills that a pharmacist needs to be equipped?

    Good clinical knowledge, patience and good people skills.