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The Collaborative Prescribing Program Pre-Congress workshop was a great success during the 20th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy. It was attended by many international delegates, one of whom was Ms Janet Wong, a lecturer from University of Hong Kong (HKU). Ms Wong later reached out to the organisers for collaboration as she saw the benefit of incorporating this workshop into HKU’s Master of Clinical Pharmacy Programme.

The pre-congress workshop co-chairpersons, Dr Lim Paik Shia and Dr Fu Wing Hang were subsequently invited to organise a virtual skills training workshop in collaboration with HKU lecturers – Ms Janet Wong and Mr Marco Lee. During the planning phase, they were actively involved in sharing valuable teaching experiences with the HKU lecturers and ensuring the smooth execution of the workshop via Zoom.

The interactive workshop was conducted on 28th March 2022 and was attended by 25 Master of Clinical Pharmacy students from HKU.

The workshop started with a short lecture from Dr Lim on providing ambulatory care clinic services with collaborative prescribing in Singapore, followed by an introduction to history taking and differential diagnosis presented by Dr Fu. History taking role-play sessions were then conducted in 4 separate Zoom rooms. During the Q&A session, there were also many fruitful discussions on clinical cases scenarios encountered and sharing of experiences took place via this online platform.

Through this workshop, Dr Lim and Dr Fu was able to advance pharmaceutical care beyond borders. Through the exchange of information, pharmacists from different countries can learn from each other. They have expressed hope that there will be more of such opportunities for pharmacists in the future.

Participants in the Zoom workshop

Contributed by Dr Lim Paik Shia & Dr Fu Wing Hang