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Looking for a reliable source of medication information leaflets (MILs) for your patients?

The PSS National Medication Information Workgroup would like to present the national Medication Information Leaflets (MILs).

What makes these MILs special?

  • Developed through a coordinated effort to align and harmonise all drug information content in Singapore to produce one standardised source of information per drug
  • These MILs take into consideration our local practices and guidelines
  • They are developed with the help of local experts in respective specialties and practice settings
  • They are designed to be easily understood by our local population
  • They help to improve patient education, empowerment and activation

These MILs are a reliable source of drug information for the local patient population. Share them with your patients or fellow HCPs at https://www.healthhub.sg/a-z/a?cat=medications.

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