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Grace has been a shining star in Guardian Health & Beauty since joining in 2011.

Community Outreach

Understanding that public outreach and health promotion is an area that community pharmacists can do more in, Grace has been providing public education talks on Dementia and Medication Safety, for both Guardian and PSS. She has impacted more than 200 lives in health promotion efforts, not limiting to screening for colorectal cancer, health screening, and smoking cessation.

Excellent Pharmaceutical Care

As a pharmacist, Grace is a role model. She is committed to provide excellent pharmaceutical care to her customers even in challenging settings, such as a busy outlet in the central business district or one with predominantly tourist customers. Grace has shown that quality follow-up by a community pharmacist can still be done at a fast-paced retail store. Her efforts have been recognised in the Community Pharmacy Health Champion Programme (CPHCP) award for 5 consecutive years.  Customers have feedback that Grace is “very patient and professional, she will attend to all inquiries patiently and professionally. No matter how busy she was, she will be serving everyone with a smile.”


Grace is a leader of pharmaceutical care. She led Guardian’s partnership with Health Promotion Board on their Falls Prevention Campaign, in which, she created the workflow, checklist and tools for pharmacists to conduct medication reconciliation. The service seeks to highlight drugs that can cause drowsiness and thus, put elderly at risk of falls.

Currently, Grace is leading the PSS pharmacist intermediate and long term care (ILTC) workgroup as chairperson, a continuation from her involvement in the PSS- agency for integrated care (AIC) project with Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) in 2016. Recently, she attended the 78th Federation of International Pharmacists World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical sciences in Glasgow to receive the Pharmacy Practice improvement Award on behalf of the workgroup as well as present the achievements of the PSS ILTC workgroup to an international audience.

Despite her commitments to PSS and public outreach efforts, Grace is actively involved in the pre-registration training of new pharmacists, regularly exposing pre-regs to her work at Chai Chee Econ Nursing Home. Her experience adds value to our panel of VIVA and written exam examiners.

Grace is a fine example for all community pharmacists and is paving the future for community pharmacy. This award can bear witness to it.