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Pharmacist’s Letter: August2017; Vol: 33, No. 8

Pharmacist's Letter

Hello there! The Pharmacist’s Letter is a nifty resource for succinct and informative updates on new drugs, disease states management, complementary medications etc. It is also recognized by Singapore Pharmacy Council as an online CPE point provider. Wait no longer, use it as a resource to refresh your pharmacy knowledge regularly!

Topic of the month: Preventing medication errors as patients transition between care settings

Did you know that up to 70% of patients have a medication discrepancy at care transitions? This is an alarming statistic! Pharmacists can reduce this by helping to keep patients on track with their medications in and out of hospital.  In this article you will find some valuable resources such as the “Transitions of Care Checklist” and “Reducing Hospital Readmissions Toolbox”. Keep your patients safe and help them manage their medications by using these resources.

Clinical updates:

  1. Anti-diabetic agents and cardiovascular impact

    Type 2 Diabetes is a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease. In 2008, FDA issued a guidance for evaluation cardiovascular risk of medications use to manage type 2 diabetes. Since there, there are multiple studies evaluating cardiovascular outcomes of anti-diabetic medications. Which drug should be prioritized as an add-on for diabetes management? Check out this PL chart comparing the existing cardiovascular outcome data for anti-diabetic medications

  2. Anticholinergic drug use in elderly

    Use of drugs with anticholinergic activity can increase risk of adverse effects in the elderly and the effects of multiple anticholinergic can add up. Do you know what the medications with anticholinergic activities are? Find out what are the medications and their degree of intensity of the anticholinergic activity in this PL update.


Frequently asked questions at the community pharmacy:

  1. Help! I have a bad rash after brushing against some plant while hiking, what should I do?

    Allergic contact dermatitis is a common problem. Find out more in this PL article on what are the options available in the pharmacy for managing this condition.

  2. Is this antibiotic safe to take during breastfeeding?

    Do you know what antibiotic is secreted in the breast milk? Look no further, check out Pharmacist’s Letter detailed reference on Antibiotics in Pregnancy and Lactation.