Pharmacy Week 2017

PSS Pharmacy Week 2017


YOU are invited to celebrate Pharmacy Week 2017 with us, from 9th to 15th October!

Join us for events held at various healthcare institutions (polyclinics, hospitals, retail pharmacies) during Pharmacy Week 2017. Expect games, talks, goodie bags, and many fun activities!

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The theme of this year is “Befriend Your Pharmacists, Find Us Today!”

As reliable and qualified healthcare professionals, Pharmacists help you manage your health the RIGHT way and the SAFE way.


Pharmacy Week 2017 will conclude on Sunday with a public health carnival:

Event:  “Befriend Your Pharmacist @ South West” Carnival

Date and Time: 15 October 2017 (Sunday), 9am to 3pm

Venue: Canopy @ J Link (next to Jurong Regional Library)



Through our events, you will learn from your pharmacists how to manage your health:

  1. The RIGHT way
    • How to self-medicate minor ailments (focus is on cold and flu, pain, and skin fungal infections)
    • How to prevent and manage chronic diseases by making informed lifestyle choices

  2. The SAFE way
    • How to choose health supplements safely
    • Be aware of interactions between medicines, food, and herbs

  3. The RIGHT and SAFE way
    • Be aware of possible dangers of polypharmacy (the concurrent use of many medicines)


Pharmacy Week 2017 is brought to you by the Pharmacy Week Committee 2017 (:


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