Know Your Medicines
Why Should I Keep A Medication List

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Importance of having a medication list

Many duplications and complications can be prevented if you take charge of your medicines. Recording and updating your medication list will enable effective communication between your doctors and pharmacist about the medicines that you are taking. 

Just Ask! Know your medicines, get it right!

Be proactive! Keep a well –maintained “Medication List” because it empowers you and serves as a written mode of communication between healthcare providers. 

How does it benefit me?
  • Critically important information such as allergies can be found on the list
  • This acts as a safeguard against receiving unsuitable medicines or misadventures
  • It organises and documents health conditions and/or changes to medication doses
  • It enables you to take charge of refills
  • This saves money and cuts down unnecessary wastage
  • It ensures that the latest medicines are being dispensed to prevent duplication from different prescriptions


Please click here for a template of the medication list.