Geriatric SIG (G-SIG)
  1. Geriatrics Special Interest Group (SIG)
    Following the inaugural geriatrics discussion forum organized by the PSS Hospital Chapter last year, the PSS Geriatrics Special Interest Group (SIG) has been formed.

    (a) Geriatrics,SIG,Facebook,page,

    To facilitate discussion and sharing of ideas between members of the Geriatrics SIG, a Geriatrics SIG Facebook page has been launched.  Attendees of last year’s geriatrics forum who indicated interest in being part of this SIG together with other pharmacists, who work in this area, were invited to join this exclusive Facebookpage.

    Administrators and members of this Facebook page regularly share articles and views to raise awareness and improve knowledge, with the aim of better pharmaceutical care of geriatric patients.

    Pharmacists who are not yet members of this group, but are interested in participating, are welcomed to request to join us in our discussions.

  2. (b) Geriatrics Case Study Challenge

    To aid in the understanding and management of geriatric patients, geriatrics case studies are posted periodically on the Geriatrics SIG Facebook page as well as the PSS website. These case studies are written by our fellow pharmacists for pharmacists. OneCPEpoint will be awarded upon the completion of the case study. 

    (c) Geriatrics Workshop

    PSS Hospital Chapter members organized a geriatrics workshop in March 2015. The workshop involved different healthcare professionals sharing on their role and views in effectively managing the care of a geriatric patient.