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For the 2017/2018 term


Asst Prof Christine Teng

Mr Gerald Lim


Chairperson: Mr Roman Lester Rosales


Vice-Chairperson: Ms Ganeswari Apparow



Ms Cai Ziqin

Ms Chong Mui Fong

Mr Brandon Chua

Mr Franky

Mr Roy Khoo

Mr Kim Ji Heon

Ms June Koh

Ms Lim Kae Shin

Ms May Lim

Ms Soh Jia Shing

Ms Teng Wei Ting

Mr Joshua Wong



The role of pharmacists in improving the general health of the public is developing rapidly. Today, not only is the profession a trusted link between patients and their doctors, but pharmacists also play the role of an educator as well as a reliable source of information and advice to the community.



  • Empower members of the public with appropriate information to be better informed about their own health management.
  • Establish pharmacists’ role in public health promotion including promotion of health awareness and well-being, disease prevention and identification of ill health.
  • Promote and encourage the public to practice safe and effective self-care in the area of self-medication for minor ailments and playing an active role in the management of chronic diseases.
  • Organize events and other nation-wide pharmacy campaigns to promote the above goals.

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1. Know Your Medicines Webpage

Committee members contribute actively by writing articles related to the safe and appropriate use of medicines, management of minor ailments and chronic conditions, as well as complimentary and alternative medicines to educate the public.


2. PSS Facebook Page and Instagram

PSS is now on Facebook and Instagram! These social media accounts are managed by the committee members to widen outreach and publicise public education efforts. Like us on Facebook

( and follow us on Instagram (@pss.knowyourmedicines)!


Please visit our Events Highlights Page to learn more about our public outreach projects!





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