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Industry Chapter 2018/2019

Ex-officio                          :              Mr. Justin De Silva

Chairperson                     :              Ms. Yak Xin Ran                                                   

Chapter Mentor               :               Mr. Ng Cheng Tiang

Exco Members                :               Ms. Tracy Chean Ning Wei

            Mr. Ben Tan Khoon Bin

            Mr. Ivan Chew Yong Chia

            Ms. Hong Jiemi


Currently, there are about 30 other active members.


Objective 2018/2019:

  1. To bring all pharmacists working in the industry back to a home where they can have a place to interact with fellow pharmacists, to share experience or just to meet old and new friends.
  2. To create opportunities for pharmacists working in different sectors to meet and understand what each other do.

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