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Hospital Chapter


Ex-Officio : Ms Tan Zhenyin Joyce


Members :

Ms Chen Qi

Mr Dennis Chua Chin Wee

Ms Cheryl Neoh

Ms Ng Khai Yin

Dr Hobart Owen Ng Tsai

Ms Ng Vin Cci

Ms Quek Karman

Ms Tan Sock Hoon 


Objectives :

1. The committee is to serve in the best interest of hospital pharmacists.

2. The committee serves to build up rapport among hospital pharmacists through networking and other activities. 

3. To initiate and maintain special interest groups that provide a platform whereby hospital pharmacists can interact and grow professionally.

Click HERE for Hospital Chapter's Terms of Reference

Activities :

(1) Pharmacist Letter

This is an online resource that enables pharmacists to keep abreast of current developments in healthcare. It was made available to our PSS members since December 2010.


(2) Online case studies

Pharmacists who are experts in their respective fields are invited to contribute case studies that will be posted online. This series of case studies will help to provide pharmacists with the latest developments in different fields. Pharmacists who engage in this activity can claim CPE credits at the same time. 


(3) “In the Spotlight”

Pharmacists who have excelled in their areas of practice will be featured under “In the Spotlight”.

This serves to inspire young pharmacists and to allow pharmacists with the same interests to gain networking opportunities.


(4) Platform for engagement of all pharmacy stakeholders

Pharmacy leaders, pharmacists and pharmacy support staff will be engaged from time-to-time for continual development & networking activities.


(5) Workshops and study groups

Special workshops / study groups will be organized from time-to-time to allow pharmacists with the same interests to pursue common goals together, in order to bring pharmacy practice to higher levels.