Know Your Medicines
Safe Use of Medicines

Safe Use of Medicines

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Myths and Truths Background Information
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Safe Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  
What is antibiotic resistance? Antibiotics are medicines used to treat infections that are caused by bacteria. Antibiotic resistance occurs when antibiotics no longer have the ability to effectively inhibit or kill the bacteria. Thus, the bacteria continue to grow and multiply despite the presence of adequate levels of antibiotics in the body.
5 Important questions to ask about your medicines
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Polypharmacy is defined as the concurrent use of multiple medicines either dispensed according to a prescription or bought over-the-counter.
When do I Require a Prescription?
Many duplications and complications can be prevented if you take charge of your medicines. Recording and updating your medication list will enable effective communication between your doctors and pharmacist about the medicines that you are taking.