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Drug Prices of Common Chronic Diseases

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Drug Prices of Common Chronic Diseases

Following our last update on the drug prices for common chronic diseases like high blood pressure, high blood lipids, asthma and diabetes (see here); we have updated the pricelist for your reference.
Do feel free to make comparison and be informed, be responsible and take charge of your health matter; get to know your medications well and also their prices. Ask your pharmacist if you need more information or details.
The list of the commonly prescribed medications and their suggested retail price range is for general reference.
  • Prices are obtained from the community pharmacy chains, not public hospital or polyclinic.
  • Prices may differ due to varying volume of sales at different pharmacies.
  • Prices could be subjected to change without prior notice.
The Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore shall not be held liable for any inaccuracy of the information contained therein.