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Pharmacy Week

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Pharmacy Week 2021

Yap Kai Zhen

Rosales Roman Lester Esplana
Isabelle Teo

Public Education Team Lead:
Chuang Xue Fen

Publicity Team Co-Leads:
Lim Zhi Wei
Ang Hui Ting

Technology Team Co-Leads:
Reuben Loh Yeok Ming
Yeo Mei Ching Sharon

Sponsorship Team Co-Lead:
Chua Kia Kee

Sponsorship Team Co-Lead / Logistics Lead:
Kwok Kin Tuck

Public Education Team Members:
Soo Yi Hao
Tan Zhan Peng
Yeo Jia Qi
Erinn Lee Si Min
Imran Shah S/O Rahman Shah
Yo Eri Tiffany 

Technology Team Member:
Vernon Tay

Publicity Team Members:
Jurja Chua Coyuco
Lai Wan Lin Angeline
Juliana Fransisca
Charmaine See Yuan Qi

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