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PSS Intermediate and Long-Term Care (ILTC) Pharmacists Workgroup 2019

Ms Grace Kng

Mr Choo Yan Cheng

Ms Teo Bao Wen

E-Learning Training coordination lead member:
Ms Reshma Lhode

Thematic CE and learning Trips lead member:
Ms Cherie Wong 

Quality improvement projects coordinator leads:
Mr Kua Chong Han
Ms Chung Wing Lam

Mr Hon Jan Yee

Ms Andrea Nicholas
Ms Chen Fangping, Alice
Ms Chua Rui Min
Ms Koh Kai Yee
Ms Lau Ik Mee, Christina
Ms Lee Ying Zhen Candace
Ms Lim Xin Hui
Ms Loh Jing Ying
Ms Low Hui Ngee, Sarah
Ms Peh Zi Xin
Ms Shakilah Begum Mujtaba
Ms Sonja Courtney Chua
Ms Tan Lay Keuan
Ms Tan Sui Ping
Ms Tran Anh Nhi Annie
Ms Yong Yuen Teng

Ms Fatimah Moideen Kutty
Ms Yong Pei Chean
Ms Lim Zhi Ying
Ms Tan Zhenyin, Joyce
Ms Grace Lee (Immediate Past Chairperson)

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The PSS ILTC Pharmacist Workgroup was set up in Aug 2011. With the common goal of improving the safety and quality of patient care in nursing homes, pharmacists from different institutions banded together and piloted a project with Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) to measure the impact of pharmacists’ service in nursing homes. Coming from diverse practice background, the pharmacists in the workgroup were able to harness the strengths and resources of individual institution, and ensure the sustainability of the service with flexibility in manpower arrangements.

Since its inception the PSS ILTC Pharmacist Workgroup has also been a convenient and reliable platform for external stakeholders, such as AIC & MOH, for medication/pharmacy related services and consultation.

The workgroup has to date more than 30 members from various institutions across the ILTC care continuum.  We are pleased to report the following events and milestones in 2018.

Institutions represented in the PSS ILTC Pharmacists Workgroup:

Community Hospitals - Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital, Ren Ci Community Hospital, St Andrew’s Community Hospital.

Community Pharmacies - Guardian Health and Beauty, National Healthcare Group Pharmacy, NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Limited-Unity by Fairprice and Watson’s Personal Care Stores Pte Ltd.

Acute Hospitals - Changi General Hospital and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

Nursing Homes & Hospices - Assisi Hospice, Orange Valley, West Point Hospitals.

Others - HSS Vanguard

Members of the PSS ILTC Pharmacists Workgroup (Taken on 30 August 2018. Some members are absent with apologies. Photo credits to Ms Amanda Ng Yue Ling from NUS Pharmacy)


(A)          Workgroup Related Milestones

Continuous Education (CE):

Starting from this year, Ms Lim Zhiying led and coordinated with various members to extend the CE session at each meeting from 30 to 60mins. CE slides were subsequently uploaded into the shared drive after each session for all members to access at their convenience. These are the topics that the workgroup explored with CPE points awarded for attendance.



Member and  Institution



Health Literacy

Ms Andrea Nicholas from Saint Andrew’s Community Hospital



Common Medication Use and Dose Adjustment in patients undergoing dialysis


Mr Yu Yuan from National Health Care Group Pharmacy


Dressing in Cancer Wounds


Drug Monitoring in the ILTC Setting


Ms Tan Lay Keuan from Ren Ci Community Hospital


Ms Zhang Yan Xin Tracy from Woodlands Health Campus


New Drugs Update 2018

Ms Tran Anh Nhi from Guardian Health and Beauty



Common Medication Used in Hospice Care

Ms Cadee Chua from Assisi Hospice


List of CE topics conducted in 2018

National Kidney Foundation (NKF):

This year, the workgroup (Ms Yong Pei Chean , Ms Reshma Lhode, Ms Grace Kng, Mr Choo Yan Cheng, Ms Grace Lee and Ms Chung Wing Lam) worked with NKF to optimise their medication management processes.  The workgroup came up with an audit checklist based on the relevant guidelines and has since conducted audits in two dialysis centres; one using manual records while the other an electronic system.

The workgroup intends to strengthen the entire medication management process in NKF centres; from procurement, administration, storage to monitoring and put in place a medication safety framework.


Managers Update Meeting:

The workgroup held its 2nd bi-annual managers update meeting in November 2018 to engage the senior members of various institutions represented in the workgroup.

Ms Grace Lee and Ms Grace Kng gave a brief update of the workgroup’s activities and progress from the last meeting in 2016 till now and provided insight to the workgroup’s plans moving forward.  There was also an opportunity for questions, feedback and discussion.

The meeting was attended by:


Attending members

Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS)

Ms Yong Pei Chean: Vice President, PSS; Ex-Officio, ILTC Pharmacists Workgroup

Ms Ng Hong Yen: Immediate Past President

Ms Grace Kng: Ex-Officio, ILTC Pharmacists Workgroup

Ms Reshma Lhode: Advisor, ILTC Pharmacists Workgroup

Ms Chung Wing Lam: Advisor and Quality Improvement Projects lead,  ILTC Pharmacists Workgroup

Ms Grace Lee: Chairperson, ILTC Pharmacists Workgroup

Ms Choo Yan Cheng: Vice Chairperson, ILTC Pharmacists Workgroup

Ms Lim Zhiying: Thematic CE and Learning Trips IC ILTC Pharmacists Workgroup

Guardian Health and Beauty

Mr Wong Chee Fah: Director of Sales, Operations and Pharmacy Practice

Ms Tiah Hui Xian: Pharmacy Operations Manager

Ms Grace Chew: Assistant Pharmacy Practice Manager

Changi General Hospital

Ms Wendy Ang Swee Tee: Principal Clinical Pharmacist

National Healthcare Group Pharmacy

Mr Chong Jiun Yih: Assistant Director of Pharmacy

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Ms Claudine Oh Su Fen: Principal Pharmacist

NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Limited-Unity by Fairprice

Ms Tan Swee Chin: Manager of Pharmacy Practice


Orange Valley Nursing Home

Ms Koh Kai Yee: Pharmacist

Ren Ci Hospital

Ms Tan Lay Keuan: Pharmacy Manager

National University of Singapore

A/Prof Christine Teng Bee Choon

St Andrew's Community Hospital

Ms Lim Sing Choon: Manager, Pharmacy Services

Ms Andrea Nicholas: Pharmacist

Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

Mr Whelan Toh: Pharmacist

Ms Yong Yuen Teng: Pharmacist


Ms Grace Lee sharing at the Managers Update Meeting

Managers update meeting hosts and guests

(Back row from left to right: Mr Choo Yan Cheng, Ms Lim Sing Choon, Ms Tan Lay Keuan, A/Prof  Christine Teng Bee Choon, Mr Wong Chee Fah, Ms Tan Swee Chin, Ms Lim Zhiying, Ms Reshma Lhode, Ms Tiah Hui Xian, Ms Claudine Oh Su Fen, Mr Chong Jiun Yih. Front row from left to right: Ms Wendy Ang Swee Tee, Mr Whelan Toh, Ms Koh Kai Yee, Ms Grace Chew, Ms Grace Lee, Ms Grace Kng, Ms Yong Pei Chean, Ms Ng Hong Yen)


Singapore Pharmacy Congress (SPC):

On the topic of collaboration and communication to create impact in the ILTC sector, Mr Choo Yan Cheng shared at SPC 2018 on the various initiatives that the workgroup has been involved in. There was also a Question and Answer Session with healthcare professionals interested in the ILTC sector.

Mr Choo Yan Cheng and his presentation at the Singapore Pharmacy Congress.

FIP Pharmacy Practice Improvement Award:

On 2nd  Sept 2018, Ms Grace Lee represented the workgroup in receiving the Pharmacy Practice Improvement Award for our Nursing Homes Pharmaceutical Care Programme at the 78th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Glasgow, UK.

Ms Grace Lee receiving the Pharmacy Practice Improvement Award from Ms Carmen Peña
President, International Pharmaceutical Federation


The FIP Pharmacy Practice Improvement Award is annually awarded to programmes that improve or expand pharmacy practice with some innovative vision on the pharmacist's role. This is a milestone achievement for the workgroup.

Ms Grace Lee sharing on the award winning programme


14th Turkey Pharmacy Congress:

Following the workgroup's Pharmacy Practice Improvement Award from Glasgow, the Turkish Pharmacists' Association invited the workgroup to share on the Nursing Homes Pharmaceutical Care Programme at their 14th Turkey Pharmacy Congress.

On 3rd Nov 2018 Mr Choo Yan Cheng represented the workgroup at a congress session addressing the potential roles of community pharmacists in home care services.

Mr Choo Yan Cheng sharing on the pharmacist's role within ILTC in Singapore.

Other presenters at the session included Dr Luc Besançon, CEO of Pharmacy and Consulting and Dr Pinar Kocatakan, Head of Healthcare Services in Turkey's General Directorate of Public Hospitals.These sharing sessions gave insight into the approaches which community pharmacists take for elderly patient care in other countries.


(B)         Clinical Projects

Using over 5000 drug related problems (DRPs) and retrospective data collected from 37 nursing homes serviced by members in the workgroup, Ms Chung Wing Lam collaborated with Pharmacy Department, National University of Singapore to study the impact of Pharmacists interventions on DRPs in Nursing Homes in a Final-Year Project. 

Preliminary result shows that that top three DRPs are drug use without indication (22.0%), RMR related (17.2%) and lab monitoring required (15.4%). The acceptance rate of pharmacist interventions amongst doctors and nurses was found to be 74% and pharmacist interventions resulted in an estimated cost savings of over $82,000 per annum. Further data analysis is planned to understand other aspects of pharmacist impact.


(D)          Conclusion

2018 has been a heartening year for the PSS ILTC Pharmacists Workgroup with the FIP Pharmacy Practice Award being a milestone achievement that increased our visibility on the global stage. It is also a year of professional growth as pharmacists’ explore their roles in new areas such as NKF medication management. With the continued active involvement of both of the committee and members, we aim to sustain our momentum as we proceed into the next year.


Reported by:

 Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson





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